Ep 60: How I co-founded GUAP magazine, w/ Ibrahim Kamara

In this episode, Ibrahim shares how he co-founded GUAP: the world’s first video magazine, the tools/resources he uses, and most importantly the mindset we needed to start our own media company, too.

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Ep 59: The Assembly supporting emerging fashion talent, w/ Pepper Chikezie

In this episode, we have Yoanna ‘Pepper’ Chikezie, British-born Nigerian, who’s truly a Fashion mogul. She started her career as a Stylist, a Fashion Editor of FAB and TW Magazine, and then in 2013 became the Head of SPICE TV – Africa’s pioneering fashion channel. Now she’s pursuing her passion to drive growth within Africa’s fashion eco-system with her startup The Assembly: a community and platform for emerging talent, students, entrepreneurs, professionals and independent businesses in the fashion and creative sector. Pepper truly epitomises #blackgirlmagic, and she graciously shares advice, tips and resources on how we can build a business, too.

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Ep 58: Co-founded an Ad agency at 24 yrs old! w/ Shannie Mears

On this episode Shannie Mears, chief talent officer of The Elephant Room and GUAP magazine’s talent and brand manager. Shannie shares how she co-founded an Ad agency with only two years into her career in advertising, not being afraid to speak your mind regardless of your environment, the importance of collaboration, and much more.

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Ep 57: Becoming a sports osteopath w/ Martin Wilson

In today’s episode, Martin Wilson, Oesteopath to world-class performing Athletes such as ‘Dina Asher-Smith, Zharnel Hughes, to name but a few. We hear how and why Martin chose the profession of an Osteopath, the challenges of becoming one of two Black medical staff for Team GB, the skills and education needed for the job, the importance of having more Black staff behind-the-scenes of the sporting industry, the rewards that come with the job, and so much more.

In short, this is a great episode if you want to know what an Osteopath does – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Ep 56: Celebrating Black Magic Awards w/ Annika Allen

On today’s episode, Annika Allen, co-owner of @theblackmagicnetwork; host & founder of @queensndreams podcast; a journalist with over 15 years experience; co-founder of the Black Magic Awards, which honours women who have paved the way for younger generations in the media industry. Yes! Annika is a media entrepreneur who graciously tells us how she does all the above (so you can too), what is needed to succeed in the media industry, and much more advice and resources.

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EP 55: Creating the British Blacklist w/ Akua Gyamfi

On today’s episode, Akua Gyamfi, founder of The British Blacklist: online global home for African Caribbean British creative professionals on the Screen and Stage, in Sound and Literature – both up front and behind the scenes. Akua talks candidly about the steps she took to start the company, how she created a ‘viral’ marketing campaign, and so much more.

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