Best of Stories that Stick, EP 01-03

Whilst we’re preparing for 2021, we shall be revisiting past episodes (chronologically) and selecting a single story that resonated with us from each guest.

  • [02:21] Joy Gharoro-Akpotojor (EP 02), sharing how she became a Film producer and why she’s focused on telling stories which are Black, Queer and Female-led.
  • [07:23] Salmon Adjani (EP 01), actor and film-director sharing his perspective on what whiteness is.
  • [10:24] Marcus Bronzy (EP 03), radio presenter regales the Fisherman tale

If there are any particular stories from our guests that resonated with you then please do not hesitate to let us know because we might put it in future shows (and give you a shout out too).

EP 22: Péjú Oshin, Arts Curator

Péjú Ọshin, a British-Nigerian Arts curator (Young People Programme at the Tate) and educator (Central Saint Martins), joins us to discuss the legacy she’s building as well as the stories that made an impact on her life – like as watching an episode of Judge John Deed where the lawyer dies and consequently stopped her from becoming a lawyer to playing blackjack in college common room and reading Small Island which encouraged her to create spaces for immigrants to feel proud and safe… and so much more.


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EP 21: David Elikwu, Entrepreneur

David Elikwu, ex-lawyer who now helps startups companies with their marketing, strategy and legal, joins us remotely (so forgive the audio quality) to discuss why he does the above as well as starting Baba’s flight club (2,000+ members) and his latest business venture the Democratic Republic of Coffee.


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EP 20: Charlotte William, Influencer

Charlotte Williams, the founder of Seven Six Agency, joins us remotely to share the stories that made an impact on her life, how and why she started her influencer marketing agency Seven Six to specifically help those within the BAME community. Also, her agency is currently crowdfunding to money to grow the business so please follow the link (below) if you’d like to help out:

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EP 19: Alim Kamara, Storyteller

Many of you may know Alim Kamara as a hip-hop artist, but do you know that he’s a traditional storyteller and motivational speaker that tours the world reciting folklores from Africa. Well, this is why Alim joins us today to share some of the stories that have made an impact on him and how he started his storytelling company Storie Storie HQ.

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