EP 18: Roy Alexander Weise, Theatre Director

New episode with Roy Alexander Weise (MBE), co-Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, and Director of plays such as ‘Nine Nights, The Mountaintop, Master Harold and the boys’ to name but a few.


Roy spoke about the learnings he gained from biblical stories (fun fact Roy could’ve ended up a Pastor), the UK education system penalising ‘energy, and of course, the stories that made a huge impact on him like ‘The Chatroom’ a play by Enda Walsh.


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EP 17: Gemma Cairney, Broadcaster/Author

Gemma Cairney, multi-award-winning broadcaster (BBC 1xtra), Author of the book ‘Open: A toolkit for how magic and messed up life can be, and founder of a production company called Boom Shakalaka.

In today’s episode we discussed growing up with a dual heritage; developing your identity in the public eye; the benefits of her debut book ‘Open’; and some of the stories that made her the amazing woman she – stories like ’The Faraway Tree book series, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Interviewing Grace Jones, to name but a few.

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EP 16: Josh Rivers, Busy Being Black

On today’s episode, Josh Rivers founder of the platform Busy Being Black, which is a  podcast (for now) that centres the stories of Black & Brown Queer people thriving at the intersections of their identities.

Josh shares some of the stories that have made an impact on him, from Oprah, Matthew Shepherd, Bayard Rustin, and much more. And, if you were to Google Josh Rivers, you’ll note he’s very public dismal from Gay Times on the front page – so yes, we talk about his and specifically the positive lessons that came from this.

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EP 15: Christina Moore, Don’t Skip Media

Christina Moore, former BBC (Radio 4 and World Service) producer, and now the founder of Don’t Skip Media – an audio production and training company that helps people turn their talent and skills into audio content. She joins us in the studio to share how and why she started her new venture so guys if you’re in the space to start something new then do visit Don’t Skip Media.

EP14: Reya El-Salahi, Journalist/Reporter

Reya El-Salahi, a Journalist, Reporter and Presenter, who’s worked for the BBC, This American Life, London Live, to name but a few renown broadcast platforms, joined us in the studio to discuss how she became a Journalist, but more specifically why it was important that she did.

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