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Blacticulate Ltd is a platform that focuses and amplifies,
via podcasts and workshops, positive Black* stories.

Our Founder

We’ve been told not to say too much about our founder because “Blacticulate is not about me [Ade], but it’s for all of us – Wait! Does this make me sound pretentious? You know what, write whatever you think is best”. Now without further ado, meet our founder Ade Bamgbala.

Ade started a career in Digital Marketing working for the United Nations, Google, University of Arts London, to name but a few renowned companies. And after 10 years he started Blacticulate with the sole aim of elevating positive stories from Black & PoC communities in the UK.


We produce Podcasts  that share positive stories from Black individuals making an impact within underrepresented and underserved communities. And, we facilitate bespoke AQA accredited Workshops that teach young individuals how to grow their business, careers or confidence through the power of storytelling, digital marketing, podcasting, and much more.

Lastly, Ade is a great guy (he deffo told us to say this) and would like to work with individuals looking to help underrepresented communities; If this is you, too, email at [email protected]



We produce podcast for companies and our own podcast ‘Stories that Stick’ can be found on Apple podcast, Stitcher, Soundcloud or wherever you listen to podcasts.


We work with higher-educational institutions like University of Arts London, companies like ‘The Photographers Gallery, and charities like Caysh delivering career and skills-related training and workshops for personal and professional growth.

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