EP 12: Monikah Lee, Presenter/Host of #TWML

In today’s episode, we have Monikah Lee a presenter and host of Talks with Monikah Lee. She joins us simply to share her journey alongside the stories that have made the biggest impact on her life, so far, and why she built ‘Talks with Monika Lee’ – a conversation platform, which tackles the unspoken topics within our community.

Monikah Lee can be found on:

Instagram: @monikahlee

Twitter: @monikahlee

Spotify: Talks with Monikah Lee

EP 11: Elijah Lawal, Author (The Clapback: Your Guide to Calling Out Racist Stereotypes)

Elijah Lawal, PR Manager for Google and author of the book ’The Clapback: Your Guide to Calling out Racist Stereotypes, speaks about the hardship of growing up and feeling different, alongside the stories that had an impact on him, which became the catalyst for him writing his debut book The Clapback: Your Guide to Calling out Racist Stereotypes

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Music: The Boy From the Photograph by Christian Andersen

EP 10: Georgette, Podcaster (Just the Tip)

In today’s episode, Georgette from Just The Tip podcast, one of UK’s most popular sex podcast (well, within our community), shares the stories that made an impact on her life – Matilda, Harry Potter, to a traumatic breakup – and give us insights on how to deal with any situation that’s difficult.

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EP 09: Andy Ayim, Business Builder

Andy Ayim, a product leader and business builder who’s passionate about creating pathways into business for people with potential from low-income backgrounds – join us in the studio to share the stories that made him understand the power of perspective and how building relationships is key to his success.

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EP 08: Fred Santana, Podcaster (90s Baby Show)

Stories that Stick: a podcast series about the stories that shape our guests; For, in the end, it’s only the stories that matter.

In the studio, we had Fred Santana, one half of the 90s Baby Show – one UK’s most popular that deals with pop-culture. This episode shows a side of Fred that hasn’t been shared so we hope you enjoy it.

Follow Fred Santana on:

  • Twitter: @Fr3dSantana
  • Instagram: @fredsantana

Or the 90s Baby Show on

  • Twitter: @90sbabyshow
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