Blacticulate Jobs

Yes! We’re hiring for a couple of positions.

No! We won’t write a long (and quite frankly boring) list of ‘must haves’.

Because you could have all the skills and experience, and still not be right for us.

Truth is, the only thing we care for and that you absolutely must have is,

The desire to help empower and upskill UK Black youth communities.

And if, for some reason, the above statement irks you then we are not for you.

So without further ado here are the roles at Blacticulate:

Social Media Person
Are you somebody that can create content based off our mission statement, which will not only engage, but also ensure immediate action is taken; Black Twitter is your playground; Can make a hashtag trend; Know when to use a Pepe instead of Kermit the frog meme; Spend money (wisely) on paid advertising when needed; If the answer is yes to all of the above, then you’re one step closer to being hired.

Please submit your CV with a brief cover letter or preferably case study on how you used social media (whatever platform) that made a positive impact to either the organisation and/or the audience you were targeting.

Sound Engineer
Are you an individual that can make a person talking in a hurricane sound like they are reciting poetry in your living room; Can create musical scores and sfx for any genre; Can spot the difference from a Gimlet to an NPR podcast; Want to disrupt the podcast landscape in the UK (then Globally); If this sounds (see what we did there) like you then please get in touch.

Please submit your CV with 3 audio samples of outdoor/cafe recordings that you’ve cleaned up and mastered, which makes each speaker sound awesome (read: warm and clear).

Now here’s the important part:

There is no deadline for these roles.

Yes! It is paid work, which will depend on your experience (or negotiation skills).

So to apply simply email

And make sure to include the job role in the subject line

We look forward to hearing from you.

You’re the best!