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Blacticulate: Black stories. Positive action. Say no more … actually, it might be in our best interest to say a lot more – so here goes. We, like our educated (read: those who’ve had enough) sisters and brothers, want to be in charge of the stories that are about us because, and yes old chap/lady, we ‘speak so well’ (we’re shocked too!). That said, we’re not here to just talk about feelings, but we’re here to specifically speak about actions that will allow us all to positively change our circumstance. Thus, (yes! we really did just use the word thus) our name is an amalgamation of 3 powerful words: Black + Action + Articulate = BL[ACT]ICULATE.

What We Do

Our monthly true-storytelling event: where you can listen and/or tell a true story based on the night’s theme. This is not a music, poetry, or comedy night.

Our award-nominated podcast (for the record, it’s called Blacticulate) features young UK Black professionals: where we find out how they do what they do, so you can too.

Our education services: where we facilitate, host and produce networking, skills or career-related workshops for underrepresented groups. All our courses are AQA Level 3 accredited.

Latest News

EP 55: Creating the British Blacklist w/ Akua Gyamfi

EP 55: Creating the British Blacklist w/ Akua Gyamfi

On today’s episode, Akua Gyamfi, founder of The British Blacklist: online global home for African Caribbean British creative professionals on the Screen and Stage, in Sound and Literature – both up front and behind the scenes. Akua talks candidly about the steps she...

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