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Our award-nominated podcast feat. young Black professionals were we find out how they do what they do so you can too. Do you know a young Black professional that we should feature?

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Ep 51: How we help young individuals w/ Tsion Martins

Today’s episode we have Tsion Martins who speaks about growing up without direction, the importance of helping local young individuals (that society often ignores) and specifically how his company ‘Bridge The Gap Studios’ does - via music and theatre - just that....

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Ep 50: Starting a 360 marketing agency w/ Patrice Camille

Patrice Camille, Owner of Marketing Agency ‘@Pinkship’, is the epitome of #bosslady. In this episode, Patrice shares with us her journey into creating her own marketing agency, the hurdles that she’s overcome, and best of all, the tools and resources she uses so you...

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Ep 49: Starting a Caribbean food biz w/ Afiya Titus

In this episode, Afiya Titus, Chef, and Founder of Lime Hut: a modern Caribbean street food vendor. She tells us the genesis story of her business and specifically how she did it so we can too (if we desired it). Listen to the full episode on YouTube: Listen to the...

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Ep 48: Producing a good podcast with Renay Richardson

Renay Richardson is back! And having worked for Acast, Audible and Panoply she gives us some useful insights on what makes a good podcast. In addition, and at the time of recording, Renay mentioned her own podcast she was working on. The podcast is now released and it...

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Ep 47: How to start an African-travel org with Lyande KaiKai

In this episode, Lyande KaiKai, Owner of My African Passport (MAP), tells us how she started her African-travel organisation that focuses on bespoke trips and assisting travellers with finding local tour guides in Africa. In addition, she gives us great advice and...

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Ep 46: How to be a technology recruiter with Rob Campbell

In this episode, Rob Campbell, Technical Recruiter for Google (at the time of recording), shares his career journey into recruitment, the challenges and rewards of the profession and best of all the resources we can use if we wanted to be a recruiter or if you want...

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Ep 45: How to become a Ceramist with Ranti Bam

In this episode, Ranti Bam, Freelance Ceramist, tells us a) what a Ceramist is, b) her specific journey into the industry (highs and lows) and c) the best practices and tools needed for us to become a Ceramist, too. Or you can listen to the full episode on Soundcloud:...

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Ep 44: Life as an extreme Cake Maker with Nastassja Lusengo

Blacticulate celebrates its 2 years anniversary by bringing back Nastassja Lusengo, CEO, The Indulgent Sugar Plum ltd, and Blacticulate first ever podcast episode. In this episode, Nastassja tells us what she's been up to since we last spoke, this includes her running...

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