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We feature Black stories with positive actions (yes, it’s our DNA) so if you’re somebody that would like to contribute in helping change the negative stories of our peoples then get in touch.

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EP 16: Josh Rivers, Busy Being Black

EP 16: Josh Rivers, Busy Being Black

On today's episode, Josh Rivers founder of the platform Busy Being Black, which is a  podcast (for now) that centres the stories of Black & Brown Queer people thriving at the intersections of their identities. Josh shares some of the stories that have made an impact...

EP 15: Christina Moore, Don’t Skip Media

EP 15: Christina Moore, Don’t Skip Media

Christina Moore, former BBC (Radio 4 and World Service) producer, and now the founder of Don't Skip Media - an audio production and training company that helps people turn their talent and skills into audio content. She joins us in the studio to share how and why she...

EP14: Reya El-Salahi, Journalist/Reporter

Reya El-Salahi, a Journalist, Reporter and Presenter, who's worked for the BBC, This American Life, London Live, to name but a few renown broadcast platforms, joined us in the studio to discuss how she became a Journalist, but more specifically why it was important...

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