Ep 45: How to become a Ceramist with Ranti Bam

In this episode, Ranti Bam, Freelance Ceramist, tells us a) what a Ceramist is, b) her specific journey into the industry (highs and lows) and c) the best practices and tools needed for us to become a Ceramist, too.

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Ep 44: Life as an extreme Cake Maker with Nastassja Lusengo

Blacticulate celebrates its 2 years anniversary by bringing back Nastassja Lusengo, CEO, The Indulgent Sugar Plum ltd, and Blacticulate first ever podcast episode. In this episode, Nastassja tells us what she’s been up to since we last spoke, this includes her running her own Cafe on Walworth Rd, how she got featured on Channel 4 ‘Extreme Cake Makers’, and best of all the practical advice and tools she uses for professional success.

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