Episode 23 w/ Babs Atta-Krah, Fashion Designer (Gingham Doll)

Our Blacticulate podcast episode with Babs Atta-Krah, Gingham Doll fashion brand owner, and boy can she talk Рin the best way! Babs shares with us how Gingham Doll started, what she has learned (and is still learning) and best of all what resources the listeners (you!) could use to get started as a fashion brand, too.

You can contact Babs Atta-Krah on:

Website: http://www.ginghamdoll.com/

Facebook: Gingham Dolls

Instagram: Gingham_Doll

Twitter: Gingham_Doll

Episode 22 w/ Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, Film Producer

In this episode we have Joy, an award-winning producer with over seven years experience in producing corporate, commercials and feature films. She talks to Blacticulate about her daily struggles in the industry. We intend to get her back on the podcast and ask her specific ‘how to’ questions, so if you have any questions you’d like us to ask her then please get in touch via email – ask@blacticulate.com, twitter – @Blacticulate and/or in the comments section below.

Contact Joy on:

Linkedin – Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

Twitter – @JoyGharoro

Episode 21 w/ Sheila Ruiz, Head of Programmes, RAS

This was another great episode where Sheila and Mangaliso (her baby boy) give great advice on how to create a successful event, the challenges, internship platforms out there to help you start a career in Events management, and a whole lot more.

Contact Sheila Ruiz on:

Email – ras@soas.ac.uk

Twitter – @SheilaRuiz