Episode 20 w/ Renay Richardson, Content Manager

In this episode we have Renay, Content Manager for Acast. First off we’d like to say that without Renay Blacticulate would not be on the Acast platform nor would it have started as soon as it did. Second, Renay shares her wealth of experience on how you can get a job in the Film and Podcast industry, too.

Contact Renay Richardson:

Email – renay@acast.com

Twitter – @renayrich

Instagram – Renay_r

Episode 17 w/ Ike Okolie, founder of Ascension

In this episode with Ike Okolie, Digital Strategist and founder of clothing brand Ascensions, we talk about our desire to help the black community in any little way we can. And Ike shares what resources help him gain a competitive advantage, which could help you too.

You can get in touch with Ike Okolie on the following:

Website – http://fashionascension.com/

Email – ike.ascension@gmail.com

Twitter – @fash_ascension

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ascensionfashionpromotion/

Instagram – Ascensionapparel